Blue Steel: Episode Two – Into the Storm

First Battle

A flurry of missiles carpet-bombs the stormy ocean and immediately destroys the Fog submarine I-401. Luckily for our story, not to mention our protagonists, it was just a decoy getting blown up while the crew sits on the ocean floor, lamenting the loss of yet another one. The Heavy Cruiser Takao above them, it turns out, is really good at sinking those things. Realizing that the storm will eventually dissipate, thus depriving them of any tactical advantages, The Leader decides that they will defeat Takao there, rather than allowing it to follow them to their destination.

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Blue Steel: Episode One – Those With Shipping Routes


Humanity is screwed. That is what you get in opening sequence of the very first episode. A huge sea battle unfolds before our very eyes, pitting the “United Nations Fleet”—the remaining firepower of the human race—against something that looks like rejects from World War II but with shields. And beam weapons. And unstoppable torpedoes. Needless to say, the human fleet gets massacred. Some of these unknown ships don’t even bother firing their weapons; they just ram the human ships that are attempting to withdraw. What did you expect? If the humans win, it’s either no story at all, or a different sort of story.

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The Shows We Will Watch

So, I have decided that I will perform an analysis of a couple of animes that I have been watching. All of these have a basis in manga, but I will limit myself to an explanation of the stand-alone anime without referring to the source material. The only exception to this rule will be if a potential plot hole in the anime is not explained anywhere but the manga, but I will not detail the explanation.

I hope to have fun doing this, so my descriptions will be factual but not necessarily entirely serious. I hope you will join me in this exercise in frivolity. Please allow me to reiterate that there will be spoilers galore here.

The shows we will be looking at will be as follows:

  1. Blue Steel
  2. Freezing
  3. Freezing: Vibrations (aka Season 2)

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